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Pendulares / KP R / Tremonha Polietileno

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  • 2" 1/2 steel pipe chassis
  • Thermosetting polyester resin painting
  • Mechanical distribution unit with precision adjuster
  • A4 stainless steel connection elements in contact with manure
  • High-density polyethylene hopper
  • Stirrer
  • Spring-tooth net
  • Telescopic cardan 21 hp x 1000 mm


modc ltc kg*heiwidwei
kp 1000R90096311151910230
kp 1300R1200128413151910256
kp 1600R150016051465191026
MOD (Model); C LT (Capacity - l); C KG (Capacity - kg); HEI (maximum height - mm); WID (maximum widht - mm); WEI (weight - Kg).*Capacity of hopper in kg - based on grains of manure with density of 1.07