Founded by Joaquim Dias Rocha in 1946, Rocha Pulverizadores activity was initially directed towards the production of manual knapsack sprayers sold under the Rocha brand. The company was born out of the expressed will to implement pioneer technological solutions and develop products that comply with the highest standards of effectiveness, reliability and innovation in the agricultural sector. By immediately responding to the needs of a growingly demanding and competitive market, Rocha Pulverizadores naturally became a leading company, earning customer trust which set off new and decisive challenges.

Growth and Consolidation

In the 1980s, with a new Board of Directors, Rocha Pulverizadores investment grew and – within the context of a business culture that combines tradition and the ability to constantly renovate – became even more dynamic and competitive. The results alone prove the precision in decision-making. After ten years, the company sets up a new production unit for the development of a line of polyethylene products and launches a new range of fertilizer distributors (centrifugal and pendular). On the other hand, at the onset of the new millennium, the company’s line of action is expanded to include storage and water treatment as well as agricultural implements, consolidating their market presence. More recently, Rocha Pulverizadores became a private limited company and proceeded toward full professionalization of management, according to a future-oriented organizational model.


With more than 60 years of market history, Rocha Pulverizadores is currently a symbol of quality in the sprayer trade, providing a range of low-volume first-class equipment, highly efficient and ecological. In addition, the company continues to strongly invest in R&D and service quality improvement, promoting professional training for creative and entrepreneurial staff through partnerships with prestigious universities. The next strategic step has already been defined and involves internationalization (Spain, France, Ireland, Angola, Mozambique and Morocco). With advanced technology, proper production processes and closer to customers, Rocha Pulverizadores addresses the future with the same trust and determination it always had.